• Minimum attendance necessary for students to appear in Annual examination is 75%. For students who have been admitted in the mid session on transfer, attendance of previous school will be taken into account. Attendance for extra classes (X, XII) during winter vacation must be 90%.
  • Half day leave is not allowed except sick leave and emergency leave. In that case parents will have to submit an application forwarded by the class teacher at least half an hour before break time.
  • Proper leave slip is required in advance for leave upto three days. In case students absent themselves from school without any intimation and attends classes later, it is the parent's responsibility to send an application the very next day. Otherwise, he/she will be treated as an absentee.
  • For long leave, parents are requested to meet the Principal. No student is exempted from examinations except medical cases. For other reasons, no advantage will be given in the progress report card.