• 4th Saturday - Timings 08.30AM to 11.00AM. Parents/Guardians can meet subject teachers/class teachers.
  • Dates for Parent Teacher Meeting will be announced in advance after the terminal exam.
  • Parents must attend the meeting, otherwise the Report Card Verification will remain incomplete
  • With prior information, special parents teacher meeting may be arranged for the benefit of weaker students.
  • PTM for classes X , XII can be arranged on a special day in presence of the Principal.
  • Meeting time of parents with teachers during school hours w.e.f 01 Sept. 2012.


  • 02:20 – 03:00pm – to discuss in detail with any teacher
  • 11:00 – 11:30am – to meet any teacher
  • 08:20 – 08:50am – to meet only C.T.s.
  • ½ day leave will not be permitted to anyone except in medical cases.
  • Please take care of your ward’s uniform and hairstyle. After 02 warnings he/she may be suspended.