The Geography lab was established with the introduction of Humanity section, started in the session 2003-2004.The geography lab is well equipped with the wall maps, topographical

sheets, charts, weather instruments, geographical models. Through practical activities, students of classes XI and XII learn the techniques of tabulation, statistical operations, preparation of geographical diagrams, mapping techniques-isopleth maps, choropleth maps and dot maps, use of computers in geographical data analysis and mapping techniques and field survey. They learn to use the weather instruments like the thermometers- room thermometer, wet bulb and dry bulb thermometer, maximum and minimum thermometer, rain gauge, wind vane, the scales used in mapping techniques, the different types of maps, the techniques of map making. Under the field survey students have conducted “survey on poverty” at the slum area near Charan Khad, the “land use survey” in many villages like Bandroru, Narwana Khas, Baled etc. Overall it helps in developing geographical skills of the students.