Army Public School Yol Cantt has a well equipped multimedia lab with the latest configuration of computers such as : Intel Core i3 8100 with TFT monitor, Sound blaster card, Headphones, DVD R/W, Scanner, Laser printer and LCD projector. A wi-fi Campus is established with Lease Line connectivity for Internet.

Senior Computer Lab

Students are taught to develop skills in Computer fundamentals, Computer Programming, Multimedia authority and using the Internet. The Main computer lab is equipped with 24 computers for classes XI to XII connected through WLAN. An Internet facility through Lease line and broad band connection is provided to the computer lab.

Junior Computer Lab

Since the Computer rules the world today, our children are introduced to computers right from the Primary level. The school has a well equipped IT laboratory with 35 computers for classes VI to X connected through WLAN. An Internet facility through Lease line connection is provided to the computer lab.

Primary Computer Lab

Primary computer lab is equipped with 24 Laptops/Computers for classes I to V in the Primary block. All the computers are connected through WLAN. An Internet facility through Lease line connection is provided to the computer lab.

TAeL (Technology Aided enabled Learning)

The school has implemented classroom teaching through TAeL for classes I to XII. LCD projector are installed in classes I to XII.


  • To help the students of the school in understanding the concepts of all their academic subjects (Class I to XII) accompanied by the use of audio and visuals (Graphics and Animation).
  • Teachers use Laptops to present downloaded audio, videos from internet.
  • Teachers use self made presentations and ppts downlaoded from intenet as teaching learning material for their repspective subjects.

Audio- Visual Aids

Giving young students a better perception of invention and innovation is a major responsibility of schools and our school is certainly at the forefront of this revolution. The computer faculty through audio-visual aids focuses on how to provide a creative environment with the potential to stimulate the young minds. The teachers play a pivotal role in organizing slide shows and laboratory demonstrations, which is an innovative way to teach the students. The IT arena is exhilarating with easy accessibility to computers and the Internet. With such opportunities available, we are constantly trying to tap the vast world of Science and Information Technology.

Computer Staff

  • Head Of Department
  • TGT Computers
  • TGT Computers
  • Computer Instructor
  • Lab Technician
  • Mr. Umesh Pun
  • Mr. Aditya Sharma
  • Ms. Jyoti Athwal
  • Mr. Sanjeet Rana
  • Mr. Sunil Kumar